[reyl-] Noun:
     1. Inclusive to all conditions of railroad culture, including but not limited to: 
     Trainmen/women and all employees therein, graffiti and moniker artists, hobos and travelers, model railroaders, foamers and benchers alike, and all activities in which these individuals take part.

     [-gons] Noun:
     1. Individuals with an open and creative mind, whom utilize their knowledge to carry on significant railroad traditions and practices.
     2. The carriers of a culture.

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Railgons is dedicated to the promotion and preservation of railroad-based traditions throughout each and every aspect of the culture. From hand-crafted goods, to present-day documentation of everyday scenarios, we aim to be as thorough and inclusive as possible.

*Many of these practices are not only illegal, but may also be severely and uncommonly dangerous. Although it is our goal to promote unity throughout the railroad, we in no way condone or advocate the acts of trespassing, vandalism, theft, or any other activity deemed illegal and/or dangerous.*